Monday, July 23, 2012

Estocar Rediscovers Myspace

So, back in early days of the Estocar we jumped on the social networking bandwagon and got a Myspace page. Was it helpful? Yes and No. We did meet some interesting people doing interesting things on their webcams. We booked a few shows with it and were able to say yes when the booker at the comet tavern would ask if you had a Myspace page. We still have our Myspace page and have synced up all our twitter, facebook, reverbnation, and bandcamp web properties with it. I am predicting that Myspace will start become more relevant for our band over next 12 months as Myspace continues too reinvent itself as a media company. I am going to start hacking arround with the Myspace blog and adding some more fresh content to see if our music and Myspace web property can get more plays and maybe a few more sales, likes, friends, and shows. I will update this posting over the next few weeks and let you know if I have seen any results.

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