Friday, August 3, 2012

Promote Your Events for Free San Francisco

On August 15th we play Grant and Green Saloon San Francisco. I have put together a nice little list of San Francisco websites that welcome online event submissions.

San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco Weekly
San Francisco Examiner
Craigslist San Francisco
East Bay Express
Mercury News

The following are a list of college radio stations, email lists, and calendars for submitting an event.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Questocar The Tender Young Story of an Indie Band On The Move

Over the past couple weeks I have been testing out a website called Indie on the move. It's not new, but it is a little new to me. We have gotten a few offers to play some local gigs that have unfortunately fallen on weeknights which would cannibalize our following for a well thought out show on a Friday or Saturday, but we were able to hookup the offers to play with other local Seattle musicians. One of those musician is Zack Stokes and suggested a nice club called the Skylark in West Seattle for another touring musician. I haven't followed up with Zack to see if he is going to play the gig or got an email from Jean-Paul De Roover, but here is a little shout out to Zack.

We were able to book a couple of other Singer Song Writers to open up for our August 16th show at the Silverlake Lounge in Los Angeles. Overall not a bad little website. It is definitely one of the many online tools that I will continue to use for future tours and for networking with other bands. We actually have a gig booked for September 21st at the Cafe Venus / Mars Bar and I will use it to offer a touring a band a slot for this show.